A workforce management system for the 21st Century

The software you choose sends a message. Ensure it's one of innovation and thoughtfulness. Nobility Pay not only streamlines payroll operations, but also bolsters your company's modern image in the eyes of your employees.

Employee Self-Serve Dashboard

The Nobility Pay Vision

Nobility Pay was born out of frustration — a Canadian payroll market dominated by archaic tools that are visually outdated, lack key features, and require additional software to manage a workforce. We recognized that even if software was 'functional', it didn't mean it was optimal or reflective of the companies that employed them.

Efficiency for admins means breezy profile updates and swift payroll operations, all while essential features are seamlessly integrated within the platform. For employees, it's having important details just clicks away. Nobility Pay rises to this standard, showcasing an intuitive, user-centric design in a field of stale systems.

Waterloo University Logo&McMaster University Logo

Financial management education from Waterloo and computer science from McMaster converge to create a solid foundation for Nobility Pay. A fusion of sound financial principles, advanced tech, modern standards and conventions, and user-centric design.


Payroll Functionality

Designed to serve both administrators and employees, we've taken the complexities of payroll and transformed them into a seamless, user-friendly experience. Navigate the world of finance with ease and confidence thanks to these features.

Direct Deposit

Send employee wages directly to their bank accounts, ensuring punctuality and consistent payments.

Employee Self-Serve

Employees can instantly access and manage their payroll information, building trust and transparency.

Online Paystubs

Move to digital paystubs that are both eco-friendly and easily accessible to all employees - anytime and anywhere.

Payroll Calculations

Benefit from an automatic system that prioritizes accuracy, eliminating potential payroll calculation errors.

Year End T4s

Our platform makes year-end tasks straightforward, producing T4s efficiently and reducing manual work.

Payroll Tax Payments

Our platform ensures accurate and timely tax payments, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring compliance.

Legislation Compliance

With ever-changing payroll legislation, Nobility Pay keeps businesses updated, compliant, and secure.

Multiple Pay Groups

Our system efficiently manages multiple pay groups, ensuring each is processed tailored to its specific needs.


We're so much more than just payroll!

Dive deeper into the Nobility Pay experience with our versatile add-ons. We go beyond the core of payroll to offer you tools that enhance and streamline every facet of workforce management.


In Development

At Nobility Pay, innovation drives us. Our 3-part development journey is crafted for optimal user experience and efficiency. From completed tasks to ongoing projects, our dedication to excellence shines.

A graphic depicting a rocket launch

The Landing Page


The Landing Page, now complete, serves as our front-facing introduction to potential clients and investors. It's a reflection of our dedication to clarity, modern aesthetics, and user-friendly navigation.

The Employee Self-Serve

Our in-progress Employee Self-Serve is where individual empowerment meets intuitive design. Focused on ease and accessibility, employees will have a platform to manage their details, view paystubs, access benefits, set up direct-deposit, make reimbursement claims, and more. It's tailored user experience at its finest.

A graphic depicting a woman reading on a couch
A graphic depicting a team doing analysis

The Control Center

The Control Center, currently in its design phase, will be the epicenter of administrative tasks. With an emphasis on seamless management, admins will oversee payroll, monitor employee data, and generate reports, all within a user-centric interface primed for efficiency.

Progress Tracking

The Development Log

Transparency is a virtue we hold dear at Nobility Pay. With our YouTube series, 'Dev Log', we offer a window into our continuous journey of building and refining. Adopting a comedic tutorial-inspired approach, we share our work processes, the methodologies we employ, all while upholding the highest industry-standard security protocols. We're candid about our progress, ensuring that we only showcase what's permissible and discuss what's appropriate.

Stay Connected!

Stay Up-to-Date with the Project

Nobility Pay is on the move, and we'd love for you to be part of it! Connect with us on social media to stay in the loop with our latest developments, milestones, and updates. We're eager to have you alongside us, watching as the project's exciting future unfolds!